Beating Arsenal by using Wild Things tactics

In Where The Wild Things Are, Max is transported to a far and distant land where… the wild things are… and initially looks to be in some danger.  But Max is no mug and uses his guile to win the wild things over, specifically by staring them down and showing he’s not afraid. Then they respect him and, more importantly, effectively allow him to take them over. Eventually they all spend three double pages having wild fun together.

There are obvious parallels between Max and the wild things and Fulham and Arsenal.  Max was in some distress when he first set out on his journey (he had been sent to his room), just as Fulham are now (we have fewer points than we think we should have). But from this distress comes strength and ultimately belief, belief to stand toe to toe with big and frightening foes, to take them on at their own game and trust in his ability to do this.  It works and he leaves the Wild Things as conqueror, on his own terms.

There we go. How to beat Arsenal.

That and stop Robin van Persie.

6 thoughts on “Beating Arsenal by using Wild Things tactics

  1. I dont hold out much hope for anything this weekend, but I definitely dont think we will be destroyed.

    Robin Van Persie has always done well against Fulham, often proving the difference between the two sides, so I doubt much will change on Saturday.

  2. Clearly I’m a Yank, because all I can think Jol should do is shut down van Persie and we’ll win.

    Which means roughly tackling, hustling, harrying him; everything and anything short of physical violence. Get him off and out of his game.

    Seriously, he’s all. they. have.

    (now watch someone like Kosclhienlsy score a hat trick…)

  3. I definitely had the impression it used to be like that when we played Arsenal a few years back, and – more than any other opponent – wondered why I or anyone else actually bothered turning up. But not so much recently.
    They just beat Dortmund, so they’re clearly a good team, but I’m not worried like I used to be. And Jol should get them fired up for it. I’m still expecting a loss though…..

  4. If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend keeping it that way. The first 15 minutes are great, then it dissolves. It seems to be a meditation on childhood written by people who’ve never had kids.

    (Posting this after the game, so I’ll take comments to the other thread.)

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