Gignac surely on his way out of l’OM

Exciting times for Andre-Pierre Gignac. According to this article in l’Equipe:

Gignac had a barny with Deschamps after not being picked for a recent Champions League game
Gignac threw a water bottle and was asked to apologise to the group
He refused. Deschamps then asked Gignac to cease using the “tu” (familiar) form of address, and to switch to the “vous”. Gignac reciprocated (this is a fairly big deal in France, I think)
Gignac then “emptied his bag” in front of the group (essentially unloading all his frustrations), blaming Deschamps for all kinds of problems
Some teammates share Gignac’s concerns, so Deschamps is in a sticky position.

Marseille are skint, so can’t sack Gignac (he has a big contract), but at this point he’s clearly a problem.  This means that he’s almost certainly on his way in January, but perhaps more importantly, he should be available at a knock-down rate as Marseille almost have to get rid.  A loan may be an option, but under the circumstances something more permanent may be a more efficient move.

3 thoughts on “Gignac surely on his way out of l’OM

  1. Would love to see it happen. As I’ve said on FOF, I think Fulham might be the best place for him – certainly we have a broadly similar style to Toulouse, where Gignac was his most successful. The question is, do we have another €10million+ to spend? (he’s on an €18million contract, and still has a few years before it expires)

    I’ve never understood the Tu and Vous thing. To a kid – tu, to your boss, vous. But what about a member of bar stuff (who in Britain you might refer to as ‘mate’?). Or to someone sitting next to you at the football? A minefield of potential social faux pas!

  2. You want to be polite?…use vous. Not that tricky really. Gignac was clearly being an ass….but then I guess so was Deschamps for insisting on it. Whatever…I wouldn’t mind seeing him at Fulham. He can use tu all he wants as long as he puts the ball intu the net!

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