Just read this, about rating ice hockey players.  The idea is that you look at where all shots were taken from and establish how often an average player would have scored from there.

Do you read the stats pages at the back of the Fulham Review?   Well I’m fairly sure Colin’s ratings factor in things like this.  We perhaps don’t go into what’s behind his numbers as much as we could, but it’s all there.  

If anyone hasn’t got one yet, please do order, incidentally. Sales this year were surprisingly and perhaps even damagingly low so we need all the help we can get.!

One thought on “Something

  1. Been meaning to plug the Review for ages. Great content, entertaining and thought provoking in equal measures, and at little more than the price of a pint at the Cottage.
    If you are a fan and haven’t bought it yet – why not?

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