5 thoughts on “Mythbusting

  1. He passed, in other words, to literally every other player in the course of the match, and to Murphy only 10% of the time, hence about average. And for someone so allegedly (in some quarters) reluctant to make himself available for a pass, doing so on 48 occasions is notable too.

    Impressive on his part and, in a different sense, yours also for coming up with such interesting facts.

    Of course the approach to Saturday’s match was to some extent Hodgson era revisited, the environment in which Dickson serves best and is served best.

    1. Yeah – Dembele’s relatively poor shooting masks just how much he adds to the team. His defending and ball retention are excellent, I bet Hodgson would have loved working with him.

      1. except Hodgson didn’t like dribblers. Or that’s how it seemed. Losing the ball on the run meant you’re out of position in transition. It became apparent that Hodgson wasn’t going to play dribblers.

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