Gag Order

Via the Daily Mail:

Fulham players have been hit with a gagging order to stop tales of dressing-room unrest leaking to the media.

Players face a fine of two weeks’ wages if they speak publicly without the club’s permission.

Fulham sent all squad members a letter outlining the possible punishment — which could cost the club’s highest-paid stars more than £100,000 — after it was revealed Pajtim Kasami was fined £500 for missing a penalty against Chelsea in the Carling Cup in September.

For me, the question is really about whether or not this “gaging order” is anything unusual? Or is it just a silly ploy to stir up controversy when there’s none to be had?

From my experience working at a local weekly paper just a few years ago, I’m fairly certain any organization requires an official blessing to speak to the media now. And it’s probably no different with a large organization (if not corporation) like Fulham.

And this is one of many reasons why most profiles now are just silly puff pieces, and the much-beloved investigative journalism has all but died. Now, if you want to speak to the janitor about something as trivial as what they had for breakfast, you need to go through the pr/communications office and have the interview approved. Then, most times the questions must be sent via email so the response you get it wholly modified and thus hackneyed. And it’s probably not even written by the source but some middleman.

So, is this story anything actually newsworthy? Is there really a revolt against Jol and this is one way management is attempting to squelch it?

I’m not holding my breath.

3 thoughts on “Gag Order

  1. It sounds like the same source who they’re trying to shut up is leaking this! Why else would it get in the press? Also the story in the sun, too. All a bit odd, but smoke/fire/etc.

  2. Also, Kasami wasn’t fined for missing the penalty, he was fined for pulling rank and not being the designated penalty taker. Which turns it from a totally unreasonable fine into one that seems a lot fairer.

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