Zamora dropped from tomorrow’s squad

So says the People’s footballing crew on Twitter.

If you think Dave Kidd and his team are being ‘lazy’ might I heartily recommend Dave’s column in the latest TOOFIF.

People talk about Zamora’s bad season but I thought he’d done reasonably well to begin with.

But did you know that he’s been subbed in four of his last five games?


There may be trouble aheeeeeaaaaaaadddddd.  Or now, really.

5 thoughts on “Zamora dropped from tomorrow’s squad

  1. We have two players who limit his effectiveness in Dembele and Ruiz. They both can keep possession incredibly well. Suddenly, we play less long balls and have less need for ‘holding the ball up’.

    What a turn around it would be if AJ became the player who was most effective in this new team – lots of running, getting in behind the defence, getting on the end of another sumptuous Ruiz through ball.

    Or maybe Dempsey up front, where he did so well last season…

    1. I would play Dempsey up there. At his best in the area and it opens up a spot for one of our attacking midfielders. Davies, Frei or Kasami, for instance.

      1. Swansea is not a must win. If we experimented and looked good, but did not get a result I would be fairly happy.

        If we proved we could play without Bobby and got a result I would be delighted.

  2. This is bad news all round but probably confirms what we’ve all suspected for some time.

    Club’s not big enough for both of them. I’d be very sad to lose Bobby though if it happens.

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