Mean, Median, Mode, and Fulham; an update

In July I wrote a post about Jol’s pledge to youth-en-ize the squad, but it contained many asterisks. Mostly the fact that Dempsey had yet to feature for the side, and I thought Salcido had a role to play for the team.

Now that we are well on a third through the season (ugh, really need to make that awards post…), let’s look at the average squad age, shall we?

Mean: 27.61
Median: 29
Mode: 30
Standard Deviation: 4.95

Using the data from (some of which is incorrect, Gecov has appeared for the first team; albeit for 30 seconds), we can also see the top XI capped players. So, for the Top XI, the Mean is 29.64, and the Standard Deviation is 3.85. Back in July the Mean was 27.46 (28.83 for Top XI), and the standard dev was 5.29 (5.32 for Top XI).

The Top XI Mean is the highest it’s been since at least 2004-05. I do not include this with the following data because young players like Kasami (19), Sa (23), and Ruiz (25) are taking the requisite time to bed-in with the league. And old hands like Grygera, and yes, even Duff, played extremely well when called upon; just unfortunate for this argument they are both over 30.

So, let’s see again how this season compares to others:


Although not as significant as we saw in July (when the likes of Dalla Valle were playing), it is good to see the Standard Deviation going up while the Average age is going down. And, according to, we’re no longer the oldest squad!


One thought on “Mean, Median, Mode, and Fulham; an update

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