Jol on Zamora video

Thanks to White Noise and Simon Peach on Twitter.

Interesting viewing. Talks about how the grass is always greener, which is undoubtedly true.  Jol does look a bit defensive here (as is natural I suppose) but is a fairly eloquent speaker and gives decent answers to the questions put to him.

It’s becoming clearish that the Murphy/Zamora/Johnson thing is perhaps undermining Jol slightly, a group of senior English players who have played together for a while and know what they want.  The press stories have presumably been slipping out from this general direction and Jol is merely re-stating his position.

His observations about creating a situation, a stimulus, make sense to me.  When I played I liked to be in my comfort zone but sometimes played better when pushed out of it (not always though: I think it might vary by position, e.g. defenders need to be focused and calm, scanning their environment all the time, attackers more ‘alive, angry almost, to keep them moving, involved, etc).  As long as Jol has picked his players and his approaches carefully then no harm in this at all.

I’m reading Rinus Michels’ book on Team Building and he notes in the foreword that there are two elements: psychological team building and tactical team building.  It occurs to me that Jol has to build a team almost by destroying a team, and this is counterintuitive to the extreme and presumably very difficult to achieve.  Psychologically he appears to not like what he finds in some areas of the side; tactically he wants to make the team more dynamic (he hints at this by talking about asking forwards to move into space rather than come back to the ball).  It’s a big ask. 

Jol’s an interesting man with a history of success and I’m intrigued at how his project will work out. The journey has been a little on the bumpy side but I’ve found it considerably more interesting than the Hughes season, and this when we’re only just beginning.  If you take Jol’s vision a little further, imagining what he might come up with when the team really is in his image (featuring more Ruiz/Dembele types), well that’s encouraging isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Jol on Zamora video

  1. I am actually quite enjoying this soap opera at the club, particularly Jol’s very Dutch responses with the heavy use of sarcasm.

    Am I worried? No. I think you hit the nail on the head – Jol is trying to remove players from their comfort zone and some are not taking it well. Unsurprisingly it is the senior (older) players who are more set in their ways. The fact that Bobby is continuously upset also does not surprise me – whilst not the most media friendly player, in interviews others always point to him as the ‘personality’ in the changing room or the ‘joker’. Echoes of Bullard, although the difference as I see it is that Zamora is much more professional and will eventually get over the new regime, especially if one of his allies (read: AJ) gets removed in Jan.

    The Hughes factor is also interesting – no doubt his management technique is mainly man-management based, and being relatively young and a quality former player, had respect and treated the players like kings. A new uncompromising coach will no doubt ruffle some feathers.

    We have been playing decent football with and without some of the key men of past years (Murphy,Zamora) and are obviously looking to the future, despite the fact that the dressing room is allegedly in chaos. I notice that the likes of Dempsey, Dembele and Hangeland have had nothing bad to say (or leak) about Jol. Maybe foreign players are better at just getting on with it.

  2. I just don’t understand Zamora’s mid set. All he has to do is score a few goals, not make trouble and he would get a spot in the England squad to play in the Euro Cup. The more he creates problems or doesn’t play, them more excuses they have to not pick him!

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