8 thoughts on “Choke

  1. To mirror Lamby’s use of golf choke jobs, Jean Van de Velde comes to mind as well. But back to the result…this one is gutting and leaves me scratching my head. What is this season going to be for us? Is it a transitional season? I really expected more from a team that reached the finals 2 years ago with an arguably weaker team (but one that was in great form). Still much of the season left to turn it all around and finish respectably.

  2. As a life-long Red Sox fan, I’m not sure this is even in the top 5.

    But I have been composing a 2000+ word essay in my head all day to entice Boston fans who are missing the good old stomach punch days to come and follow Fulham. It’s got a familiar comfort to it.

  3. But this wasn’t a case of the chickens coming home to roost (like the Sox this past season) or the end of a memorable run (like the Patriots in 2007; because Boston sports are the be-all end-all when it comes to chokes and trophies and being the center of the sporting universe).

    We. Blew. It.

    We had a 2 goal lead at halftime and were playing Odense off the park. And then THAT.

    We blew a four point lead in the group in just two games. We were leapfrogged by a team that had a -5GD. We drew to a team that hadn’t gained a point in the group since September. We finished with 8 points (EIGHT) in the group of dearth.

    F*cking pathetic.

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