That goal

As noted, I was in the gents under the Johnny Haynes Stand when this went in.  Like the players, I thought we’d won. Unlike the players I couldn’t hold it any longer.

Nevertheless, I was surprised when I saw the replays.  I had expected Orlando Sa to have done something daft.  Then a a couple of respected people on twitter were talking about Frei’s showboating (Fulham fans still blaming Sa though).  Then I saw it and…. not what I expected.

7 thoughts on “That goal

  1. Hmm, this reminded me…when Hangeland gets burned, why not stick out a leg or an arm or something to stop the advancing player?

    Even if it’s a red card, it’s better than a goal conceded. Ask Luis Suarez.

  2. Jonathan Wilson on Twitter said that when Frei gave away the ball, it was his ‘Ginola v Bulgaria moment’

    Not quite the same, but at least Frei is being compared to Ginola!

  3. I think the real issue was what appeared to be Jol’s negative tactics throughout the 2nd half. Attack might have been the best defense this day and a third goal seemed more likely that not. when we sit back and go negative we get punished every time.

  4. Hmm. Hangeland eh? You know, for some reason I kept thinking after the match: “Hangeland was fr**ging captain, why didn’t he make sure Etheridge was getting the wall right, why wasn’t he geeing everyone up in the 2nd half, why wasn’t he abusing the slackers”. Maybe that’s why he’s not our usual captain.

    1. Probably a bit harsh on Hangeland. He has been playing in front of a guy who is the 10th most experienced player in EPL history for 3 or 4 years. Late in the game it is easy to forget you now are in front of a guy in his first game at this level.

    2. That’s the keepers job. He’s got the best view and is in the best place to work out the angles. Pat Nevin noted on Channel 5 that the OB player moved the ball to the right before taking the kick. This gave him a better angle and allowed him to exploit a poorly positioned wall.

      It’s the mistake of a young keeper but how else do you learn but through your own mistakes. At that point we still had time to pick up the pace again. I don’t think Jol’s sub choices helped either.

  5. Oof, the draw looks pretty good for Wislaw. Standard Liege and then winner of Hannover/Brugge. Man, that loss on Wed night stings even worse now.

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