Those tap-ins…

Easy goal?

Only because Clint made another fantastic run.  There were 20 other players on the pitch who could’ve got themselves into the area there, but Dempsey – again – made the right moves at the right time to get where he had to get.

I haven’t got time to frame-by-frame this one, but look at the goal here.  Dempsey’s run goes in and out, stops almost, then when the ball’s in the area, there he is. A lesser player wouldn’t have been there for the tap in.

If tap-ins were so easy, more players would score them.

(and how about Bryan Ruiz making Ashley Cole look silly in the build-up?)

2 thoughts on “Those tap-ins…

  1. This is why I’d always rather have Dempsey in midfield than at forward. He’s more naturally suited to be a midfielder, but has that knack for scoring goals. The long distance shots rarely work out, but his aerial ability and tendency to make smart runs are rarely matched at the position.

    It’s a nice extra wrinkle to be able to throw at an opponent, a guy like Dempsey making runs, even from a slightly deeper position like today, and giving defenses hell.

  2. Soccernet named Dembele as the player of the half-season for the team this week. I couldn’t help but feel that they haven’t actually been watching the team. Obviously he catches the eye more, and will move on for much more than the club could ever get for Clint, but… I can’t help but feel Clint’s a much more important contributor on the pitch for the club.

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