Fergie Time

As we gnash teeth, but before we point fingers and burn Jol in effigy and point out that was our 100th goal conceded in the final 15minutes this season and make excuses such as the following…

Where in the blue blazes did 5 minutes in stoppage time come from?!?

5 thoughts on “Fergie Time

  1. And, ps, I’d be stunned if Damien Duff wasn’t sold next month. Did you see his body language once coming on? Can’t really blame him, but wow is he more than displeased with, well, everything.

  2. don’t remember who, but think someone was on the ground for a while at some point, no? was very unhappy, as i figured it meant a draw (or loss), but was expecting 4-5 minutes and wasn’t at all surprised . . .

  3. I said at the time “oh, it’ll be about 5 minutes”.

    Dembele on the floor (at the start of the half).
    Full complement of substitutions.
    The time taken with throws and goal kicks.

    1. Now that I think about it, wasn’t there a minute or so delay at the start *and* Dembele being on the floor for a while?

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