Clinical Clint

See here.

So who were the star over-performers? Well there were 39 players who had 10 or more “Clear Cut” chances over the season. Eight of these had a clinicality of 50% or better. These have been ordered by how frequently they score a “Clear Cut” chance. Also included is another important shooting stat, “Penalty Area shots per goal”.

And you’ll note that Clint’s eighth among these 39 players who have had at least 10 or more clear cut chances.  Interesting…

2 thoughts on “Clinical Clint

  1. That Jermaine Defoe had 10 such chances and missed them all is beyond interesting — absolutely astounding. Would that he had maintained that record into November!

  2. Seems a bit harsh that the article seems to conclude that Jermain Defoe is “not clinical” since he does have 11 goals in the time period under consideration (almost as many as Dirk Kuyt with 13), but has scored them from chances that were deemed “not clear-cut” (and, therefore, I would say more difficult) by the standards of this analysis. Obviously you want a player who finishes the easy chances (and, as you’ve often pointed out with regards to Dempsey, guys who make intelligent runs to get in position for those “easy” chances), but guys who can make something out of nothing certainly earn you points too. I don’t see Rooney on that list but every one of us would take him on our team over Berbatov every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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