How CCN helped to beat Arsenal

Alright, not really, BUT we went from this post, in which it was noted that our goalkeeper gave the ball away 21 times out of 24 kicks in the second half against Norwich, facilitating the home team’s comeback no end, to this:

Then this:

Much more like it!

Of course I expect it was the club’s coaching staff who set the kicking agenda and we had absolutely nothing to do with it. But still…………………………..

Anyway.  Great to see the chalkboards back (thanks to Dan for the tip-off!).

6 thoughts on “How CCN helped to beat Arsenal

    1. Nah. Footballers can ‘retweet’ people wanting to retweet and can discuss making cakes, tv programmes and nando’s, but (rightly I suspect) won’t engage in any football talk beyond “I’m knackered” or “off to training”. It’d be genuinely interesting to hear their thoughts and part of me wishes I lived in Sweden or somewhere where players are a little less deified, but there we go.

        1. Very true. How much though? If he had given the ball away 20 more times Arsenal would probably have scored. I don’t know what the Premier League prize money is but I think Fulham owe me at least £250,000, which would make a big difference. I await some sort of cheque.

  1. Its not so much about the keeper giving the ball away Its about what sort of target the outfielders give him to aim at and frankly too often that aint much.
    Damn the boy can keep goal.

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