Fulham 4-0 Charlton Athletic

A solid, professional job in the end. Charlton, as the third division table shows, are a tidy enough team, but in the end class told.  Clint Dempsey scored a hat-trick, Damien Duff whopped in another, and Fulham are in the hat for the 4th round.

We scored early, Murphy’s through ball finding Dempsey, who lifted the ball home expertly.  After that came no deluge, though, Fulham reverting to frustrating ‘walk it through crowds’ attacking.  Charlton were organised enough to see that out easily enough so half-time came with a strange feeling of uncertainty.  We’re ahead, but not very ahead.  Slightly dangerous.

Charlton flew at us in the second half but aside from a couple of neat moves and a long range blockbuster (all of which David the Invincible kept out) Fulham were in command, Hangeland and Senderos in particular standing tall as if to say ‘keep trying, lads; better luck next time’.  Trouble was our attacking play was pedestrian.

Credit then to Martin Jol who rearranged his troups and instantly changed the game. Kerim Frei (no longer a mystery to defences and in need of a second trick) made way for Duff, which pushed Dempsey to the left and moved Ruiz inside.  Ruiz – heretofore poor – then showed why game-changers are valuable.  Remember the saying “Arsene knows”?  (back when he did).  We should have a similar one: “Ruiz stays”.  No matter how poor he looks, there’s always something up his sleeve, and today he played integral roles in our second and third goals.

The second was a neatly worked goal involving Dempsey and Ruiz, the former lifting it over the goalkeeper for the second time to secure the game.  The third saw Ruiz burst through into the area, where he got himself upended and won a penalty.  Bobby Zamora did a nice thing then, retrieving the ball and lobbing it over the expectant Murphy into the arms of Dempsey, who pounded home his hat-trick with a penatly suspiciously like those he’s been missing with.  I don’t know for sure but I imagine that’s Dempsey’s first meaningful hat-trick, so hurray for him.

Duff – playing well – scored a deflected fourth and neglected to celebrate with any great passion.  Perhaps the game was too far gone.

Job done.

15 thoughts on “Fulham 4-0 Charlton Athletic

  1. First, let me start by saying that I really enjoy the writing on this site, and read it all the time, please keep up the good work….Sorry to post an off-topic comment, but I am going to be attending my first ever Fulham game on March 31st against Norwich. I’m bringing the wholy family over from the USA for the game and a vacation in London. I was hoping to get some tips from the good folks at this site about attending a game. Is it easy to just buy tickets from the Fulham website? Do I need to be a member? It looks like the tickets usually go on sale about 4-6 weeks before the game. Any recommendations on where to sit? How early should we get to the game? Is it easy to walk from the Underground station? Anything else we should know about attending? Many thanks in advance to any advice.

    Chris (firefan98)

    1. Chris – best bet is to get someone who is a member to get you tickets. I’d be happy to do so, and would suggest that you sit in Johnny Haynes as this is the most unique. Seats are quite tightly packed (as befits its age) so if you want more room then perhaps just go for the Hammersmith End. Either way let me know, perhaps keep an eye on the official and when the tickets go on sale drop me an email – I’ll happily do the rest.

  2. Thanks for the report. There were no links in the states. Gentleman Jim was great, but said that he had no replay — which means to me that there was NO television at all, and maybe no highlights.

    I’m wondering if Duff’s inclusion might mean that he’s staying. I’ve been thinking that he, AJ, and Baird might be on their bikes in January, but now that Duff is cup tied, perhaps not.

    Finally, other folks who attended said it was Murphy who presented the ball to Clint for his hattrick. Whut whut?

    1. Zamora went running off to fetch the ball and lobbed it to Dempsey. Murphy would’ve had to sign it off I assume, but I’m sure Zamora instigated it.

      1. WatfordWhite on FOF saw what I saw:

        see, I could’ve sworn that Zamora ran for the ball and lobbed it *over* Murphy to Dempsey, who was standing back.
        That’s what I saw, Murphy did not look to happy to me.

  3. Is it easy to just buy tickets from the Fulham website?

    Um yes its pretty easy. For the bigger games you need to be a member if you want to secure tickets. Then the next batch of people are people with booking history then last remaining tickets go on general sale. I would imagine for a game like norwich there should be a decent number on general sale but might be tricky to get 5 seats in a row for example.

    Any recommendations on where to sit?

    If you want to hear singing/chanting you need to be in Hammersmith end. If you want history/tradition – Johnny Haynes Stand. If you want quieter/family atmosphere – Riverside Stand. Don’t bother with Putney unless last resort.

    How early should we get to the game?

    If you want time to wander round and take in the ground etc – give yourself an hour on arrival. That gives you time to walk to the ground from the station and then explore a bit when you get there.

    Is it easy to walk from the Underground station?

    Putney Bridge underground is closest to ground – see google maps.

    Anything else we should know about attending?

    Just appreciate the history of the ground and its britishness :)

  4. I dont think we ever had to get out of second gear. Duff added some attacking spark and helped to fully turn the game. Had we conceded, it would have been interesting to see how we would have reacted.

    Charlton are decent enough, but the quality gap was obvious.

  5. You can find highlights on Daily Motion.

    Given the abuse that Murphy’s family had to endure yesterday, it would have been nice for him to take that PK instead of Clint. On second thought, maybe that would have made things worse.

    On to Everton.

  6. From my view in the Hammy End Zamora did not give the ball to Dempsey for the penalty; he grabbed the ball to take the penalty and Murphy intervened. Zamora did not look too happy and had a bit of a moan at Murphy. Although, once penalty scored all was forgotten.

  7. Thanks for the info on attending a match. I think I’m going to buy my own membership. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Adult International 11/12 and Adult Int inc Ful 1112
    memberships listed on the Fulham website?


  8. …Nevermind, I figured it out. The difference is the printed version of the Fulham magazine.

    Good win today!!! (Jan. 21st)


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