1. GREAT!

    Funny stat: Coleman had a higher win % than Hughes (no idea about Tigana’s win %). And, if we were to add him, my two-cents:

    When he started: Good squad desiring stability
    When he left: Mediocre squad that occasionally punched above its weight
    Anything else?: In retrospect…did he really get about 5 seasons as manager?!?
    High point: Beating Chelsea
    Low Point: Any away match?

  2. I think you are pretty spot on. Hughes did a decent job, but hardly revolutionised Fulham and was more of a caretaker. It is hardly like he turned around a struggling team or had Fulham punching above their weight for the first time in years.

    I am genuinely excited about this team under Jol. Work in progress, but the rest of the season should be interesting.

  3. I started following Fulham around the time Cookie left. Wow, the squad has come a long way. Gotta give props to MAF (and the whole club, top to bottom) for managing the club, seamlessly, through continuous transition. From Sanchez’s hit & hope tactics, to a European final, to today’s quality, flowing football – wow the club has come a long way in a relatively short time. So, to you guys that’ve been supporting FFC for longer, did you ever expect to see the club where we are today? I know I didn’t.

    1. Been supporting FFC since the 60s. Followed them all the way down to the old third division. Lots of awful, depressing, cold, wet, lonely walks back to the tube station. Did get to see them in the FA Cup final, then moved overseas. No, never thought we would be the sort of vibrant, exciting club we are now. I love every moment, except for the ones when I’m banging my head against a brick wall, after watching us lose another away match via the internet.

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