Sometimes, Shit Happens

As much as I still cannot conceive the fact we conceded three goals to a team down a man for 7000 minutes, turns out the same happened to St. Mirren on the weekend!

But they conceded five!

Here’s the scoring sheet:

Hearts 5-2 St Mirren
  • Zaliukas 1
  • Skacel 23
  • Skacel 64
  • Skacel 68
  • Sutton 90
  • McGowan (pen) 13
  • Thompson 19

So, yes, Saturday sucked for us. A lot. But wow it could have been worse.

In “transfer” news, Marcelo Trotta’s loan deal at Wycombe expired. Marcelo scored eight goals in eight matches for the club, including a brace this past weekend. In his eight matches with the club, Wycombe scored 13 goals total.

So, he accounted for 61% of their entire offensive output alone. Yikes.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes, Shit Happens

  1. I hope that post is laced in irony and that you’re not seriously comparing us to St Mirrens…

    I’ve always thought Trotta would end up being a target man cos of his height but he’s turned out to be more of a Berbatovesque poacher. Lazy as hell off the ball, but gets in good positions and finishes well.

  2. Trotta certainly did very well at Wycombe. Depending on who we get in and who goesthis window, do you think he’ll be given a chance in the first team this season? Or is it more likely that he’ll get a loan move to a Championship club to further his progression? Haven’t seen too much of him, apart from some highlights of his goals.

    However, I’m really happy that Fulham are starting to produce some quality young players. The signings of Grimmer and Christensen can only be good for the future of the club too.

    Not so sure what the comparison between the two results above shows – Hearts have a much stronger side than St. Mirren. 5-2 with 10 men still pretty impressive though.

  3. I’m not sure Trotta will ever make it to Premiership level but may end up being a pretty decent Championship player in the future.

    Loan spell in the Championship is definitely needed for the next few months. Then see how he does with us in pre-season b4 introducing into the 1st team squad or loaning him out again depending on how he fares.

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