3 thoughts on “Jordan Rhodes

  1. Definitely an exciting player, and one I’d love us to sign. The only thing I’ll add is that Marcello Trotta is two years younger and had a better goals to game ratio in League One (albeit in far, far fewer games) than Rhodes. I believe he’s about the same height and physique as Rhodes as well is he not?

  2. A very interesting read. Sounds like it would take a huge bid to nab him off Huddersfield in January though. Jol’s shown he’s happy to give youth a chance though so that could help us out bringing in this type of player in the future.

    rjbiii makes a good point about Trotta. Personally I think he should have stayed with Wycombe but I would like to see how he gets on in the Championship if the opportunity arises.

  3. I believe his managr when he says “no team has made an offer for him and he’s not going anywhere in January.”

    The only point that’s missed about Rhodes is the fact that regardless of the division he’s playing in, regardless of the manager, regardless of the team’s league position, regardless of the style or formation of play, the guy keeps scoring goals. This tells me that he’s not some sort of hot-house flower that woudn’t be able to adjust. He’s been adjusting constantly since his early teens, and he still keeps scoring.

    I don’t see where there is a downside in going after him. I can’t believe that West Ham is a more attractive prospect than Fulham. In the past years we’ve lost out on good young players like Moses because — well, I guess because we prefer proven veterans. That’s all very well and good, but splashing out 5 mil on a kid who can score 15+ league goals for three or four seasons and then bring us 15-18m tranfer on the way out, seems a no brainer.

    As for Trotta, let’s see how he does with Millwall or whoever. 8 in 8 isn’t quite the same as 22 in 22.

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