11 thoughts on “Everton 2-1 Fulham

  1. Can’t even say I blame Jol..

    I’m 99% sure he didn’t tell the team to long ball to the smallest player in the team
    I’m 99% sure he didn’t tell Kelly to pass the ball out of play every time he had it
    I’m 99% sure he didn’t tell the defence to run around like headless chickens every time the ball came into the box.
    I’m 99% sure he didn’t tell Riise to let Donovan cross at any given opportunity
    I’m 99% sure he didn’t tell the team to sit back and give the ball away in our own half

    then again, there’s that 1%…

    1. It is though his job to get the team playing his way.

      If this is his way then he’s incompetent and if it’s not he’s er incompetent.

      1. I think they are capable of playing his way, but in very specific circumstances – at home, when the opposition sit back and let Fulham onto them. Let me give you some examples; QPR, Arsenal (2nd half), Newcastle (2nd half), Charlton, Man City (2nd half).

        We are unable to play Jol’s way when teams press us. ie. in the first half of 90% of games this season and in 99% of away games.

        Our players are not good enough footballers to play Jol’s system IMO in the Premier League. Maybe if you took them to Italy or Holland they’d be fine. But Premiership no.

        The skill of a manager is playing your players in a system that will achieve the best possible results. Jol has been unable to do that. Jol’s philosophy needs some cash to buy in the right players to play his system, cash he won’t ever get. The money he has spent was wasted on Ruiz (technically brilliant but far to flimsy for this league I’m afraid), Kasami (who’s going back to Italy), Riise (past his prime) and Gecov.

  2. I’m very patient when it comes to new players adjusting to the league, but I’ve pretty much lost confidence in Ruiz. Much of the time he seems to be playing his own little game, content to just dribble around, chipping little balls over players with mixed results. He’s not often in sync with the rest of the team. Can’t wait until Dembele is back.

    With as much as Fulham struggled going forward, Jol should have put Zamora much earlier, especially considering how well the two worked together last game.

  3. Call me old fashioned, but if I don’t see Zamora starting the match then I don’t see us winning.

    I like Shrek, I really do, but I think he’s being inflexible with his system and tactics.

  4. Why on earth didn’t we start with the same XI that we used in the second half last week, that put five goals past Newcastle for the loss of only one? That’s the team sheet that would have worried me, had I been an Everton player. Surely a good example of a manager making changes in order to justify his own existence, rather than just doing the obvious thing.

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