The Road Ahead

The 2011-12 season ended last night. Okay, there’s still sixteen or so games left and a lot can happen.

But as a sporting competition, as a object of interest and fascination, last night’s impotent display and crashing out of our 3rd cup competition in as many months has us begging for this once-promising season to just end. Now. (Feels like being an Arsenal fan in March, no?)

As Rich wrote yesterday, it’s frankly impossible to guess what our future holds. We may get relegated. We may finish in the top 10. Neither of those two would surprise me. But, looking ahead to our now bullshit gap-filled schedule because of this bullshit cup competition taking bullshit precedence, our fixtures currently break down like so, home and away:


1-Feb WBA
11-Feb Stoke
4-Mar Wolves
17-Mar Swansea
31-Mar Norwich
9-Apr Chelsea
21-Apr Wigan
5-May Sunderland

4-Feb Manchester City
25-Feb QPR
10-Mar Aston Villa
26-Mar Manchester United
7-Apr Bolton
14-Apr Liverpool
28-Apr Everton
13-May Tottenham

Okay, so, we may get no more than 2 points away for the rest of the season. Or, we’ll be lucky to have more goals scored than points. And I would say the same back in Hodgson’s heyday. Dear God that run is ridiculous.

But, thankfully, our home fixtures appear extremely manageable. The average position of those clubs is 12th, with two 19th and 20th respectively. And, like it’s always been, our home form will dictate where we finish this season. So if we can do what we’re supposed to do, i.e. beat newly promoted sides and relegation teams at home, we’ll be fine.

If we don’t, well, then, fuck. And knowing how this season goes…hmm, maybe there is still a spectacle to behold?


8 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. Using the ‘Lamby formula for mid table mediocrity’ formula (For bottom 3 – win home & away (18 points); 11-17 win home, draw away (28 points); Top 4 – no points; 5-9 (we are 10) draw at home (5 points)) = 51 points

    We should get:
    4 home wins (wba, wolves, Swan, Wig) = 12 pts
    3 home draws (sto, nor, sun) = 3 points
    5 away draws (qpr, av, bol, ev, liv) = 5 points

    = 20 more points

    We have 26, which will give us 46. Which is about 12, 13, 14th spot.

    1. At home, yes.

      I am pretty relaxed about our home form, and would fancy us to beat any side at home. away we remain cap.

      This season is still interesting because no one has any idea how the team will grow/change from here. more interesting than last season where we saw hodgsons side play out the last 6 months of the season.

  2. We’ll win two more road games and probably 4 or 5 home games. Our profligacy at home early in the season is the only reason we are as low as we are. We seem to have improved on that after the Man City match.

    The fact is that there are some woeful teams below us. I also expect Norwich to start dropping points regularly.

      1. They come when you least expect them often when the fault is wholly with the home team – over confidence, lack of confidence, prioritising cups, end of season languor, stress, crown getting on the home team’s back – maybe blind luck or refereeing aberrations.

        These things happen every so often but it would be nice if we had some sort of game plan which made a contribution.

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