Deadline day: Martin Jol sells himself to Aston Villa

Martin Jol has stunned the footballing world by dramatically selling himself to Aston Villa.

“To be honest I expected more from Fulham. It’s a small club,” he explained while screwing up his nose and sniffing. “And I wanted to be at a big club. You know? With big things.”

Jol continued: “I had seen what happened to Mark Hughes after he walked out on Fulham. QPR! Not for me. I wanted another job straight away. So I used the Bobby Zamora situation to make it work for me.”

What exactly happened next is not clear, but a Villa source close to the situation notes that they thought they had signed Zamora for £5 million on a four year deal worth £60,000 per week. The suspicion is that Jol used his connections in Holland to doctor the already signed contracts, substituting Jol’s name for Zamora’s. 

The Villa source observes that the job was “so professional we have virtually no chance of getting out of the deal. We don’t know what we’ll do with Martin but for now he’s ours.”

Fulham are expected to make a statement this morning.

15 thoughts on “Deadline day: Martin Jol sells himself to Aston Villa

  1. Ha ha – comment from a Villa forum:

    “Can someone explain what the hell this nonsense is about?
    I know its stupid talk but what posesses people to make up shut tripe?”

  2. If this is true I’ll be the happiest man on the planet. This is way too funny to be a joke :( WE WANT MARTIN JOL, SAY WE WANT MARTIN JOL.

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