Zamora’s goals

Hmm, lets get this over with.

His first goal:


My favorite:

Best season:

Bobby Zamora 09/10 Fulham. Watch more top selected videos about: Fulham F.C.

His funniest (scroll to :45 second mark)

His finale:

7 thoughts on “Zamora’s goals

  1. Don’t want to be picky but his actual first goal was in a friendly against Celtic, lovely volley from outside the box. Little did we know then what fun we were in for that year and the next..

  2. The Shakhtar goal was phenomenal and gave us the momentum we needed to get to the final. It was made even sweeter by the fact that the mate who came with me to the match spent the whole time slating him (Spurs fan).

    I also like one of his comeback goals from last season, namely his first goal against Blackpool where he ran half the pitch and absolutely hammered it into the net with a real passion that was him screaming ‘I am back, finally!’

  3. Note who jumps on his back in that first goal. Quite appropriate. If you can’t or won’t play the way the manager wants, and generally are a disruptive influence, you should be moved on, hopefully for a nice fee. Not to say his contributions won’t be fondly remembered. He was one of my favourite players over the last couple seasons, less for his goal scoring and more because he was a very technical, unselfish player; his rise to prominence coinciding nicely with our own. I’d say good luck to him, but given where he went I won’t mean it. If he’s gone anywhere else I would, though.

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