City 3-0 Fulham

I imagine there will be people angry about this but City have won every single home game this year, right? So quite what we were supposed to do about that I’m not sure. People talk about our record at Eastlands but that was before City became CITY and, well, honestly…

The shame was that the game was over before it had begun, Adam Johnson managing to fall over Chris Baird in the area to win a dodgy penalty to make it 1-0, then Baird put through his own goal to make it two before we’d even started to play. From there it was really a question of how many, and it’s to the team’s credit (well, and the weather’s) that the second half was reasonable.  City got a late third but a 3-0 defeat to this team isn’t terrible.

Interesting team selection: Etuhu recalled post-window (he’d wanted out, but having stayed, was to be trusted again it seems), Davies, Dembele and Duff as a three behind Dempsey which meant no Ruiz but presumably more defensive solidity. Maybe. Schwarzer was back and Chris Baird was brought in to play left back (combat the inverted wing play of Johnson) and did moderately well after that start, but ultimately we were outclassed.

So in the end the story was the weather, which was snowy. The game’s out of the way now, let’s move on.

15 thoughts on “City 3-0 Fulham

  1. It’s easy to pick on him when he was the victim of a dodgy penalty, but I’ve have been unimpressed with Baird this year. This whole sequence was reminiscent of the Tottenham game, in which he also had an OG and generally imploded on defense. I have this suspicion that because he’s big and strong, and unafraid of making a strong challenge (all things greatly prized in the PL), he’s overvalued. I know Riise sort of murders us with the amount of space he gives people sometimes, but for a couple months now I’ve been dreading seeing Baird come into the game.

    Also, I think he’s lucky not to have picked up a red for that last tackle. Plenty of people have been sent off for less this year.

    Anyways, far be it from me to challenge the collective wisdom with my own extraordinarily subjective and generally uninformed opinions. Maybe it’s just because I finally watched “Moneyball” last night.

    Other than that, I thought we looked ok and wasn’t too unhappy. It’s really nice to see Dembele back.

    1. I’d go the other way and suggest that Baird’s undervalued because he doesn’t have a main position. He’s a good centre-back, a passable central midfielder and a good passer. He can play full-back, too. Were he a more athletic Brazilian I’m sure he’d be coveted by better clubs. I appreciate that he’s not perfect but if he’d played the whole of his career as a holding midfielder I’m reasonably sure he’d be a star.

      1. Could not agree more. I would absolutely love to see Baird getting a few consecutive games in center-midfield.

        Personally don’t give him any blame for either of the first 2 goals

  2. From where I was sitting (sofa in front of fire) playing baird at lb was a gamble that didnt pay off, did little for him or the team and he unnecessarily ended up a villain of the peace. (to me he seemed a lot more assured at cb once senderos had departed).

    Be it the opponents or the conditions it is difficult to use this game as a benchmark although much respect to the faithful who braved the conditions to be there….

    1. yes. the run-ups to the flag were pretty much ice bound. I remember one good corner from us and none from City. There was a lot of slipping around out there.

  3. I didn’t see the game today so I can’t comment on the corners, but guess who scored for QPR? Would he have made a difference for us today or did Citeh just seem too overwhelming?

  4. the thing that concerned me most today is that I don’t think that Mark had a match with the reserves or in a closed-door friendly before taking the field today. Coming off a serious injury like that and being thrown onto a snow-bound pitch without at least simulated match practice seems dangerous to me.

    Jol is now the only manager in the Prem that I can’t read. I have no idea who he’ll start, who he’ll substitute and when. There just seems to be little logic in what he does.

        1. Big wins for Norwich & Swansea this weekend suggest that this could be a bad year for ‘established’ premiership sides. Whilst not much could be done on this occassion we still need to be careful not to get distracted by innovation…

  5. Baird is, and always has been shite when playing full back. He has cost us so many goals and points that i am tempted to turn off every time he plays there. He plays much better at cente back and better still in midfield. fair eniugh Johnso cheated him for the fisrt goal but he was directly involved in the other two. Even the commentators were saying he should go off! If Jol was looking for a denfensive line up he would been better off playing Baird in midfield with Murphy as Etuhu was pretty ordinary. I love Davies but he was probably less that useless as well and I really don’t like the way we are using Dempsey up front on his own. He can’t play there, he clearly doesn’t like it band is reverting to his old moody self. Lets hope Pog is up to the task of leading the line because Orlando Sa certainly isn’t.

  6. I like Baird, and think he has an excellent range of passing, a strong tackle and good defensive positioning, but I do doubt his ability to contribute on a regular basis.

    He seems to play well in central mid, but then he was awful at Everton having done well against Newcastle. He is not a good full-back, but can do a job. He is ok at Centre Back, but lacks the height to be dominant a la Hangeland and Senderos.

    Basically, I think he is the squad player ever manager dreams of, but he is not good enough in one position to ever play their for a whole season.

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