Who is Pajtim Kasami?

I’m intrigued by Pajtim Kasami and have seen almost every kick he’s made for the club, but despite this I honestly couldn’t describe him as a player.

The game he made a big difference in was Man City at home, but to my eyes he seemed mainly to ‘put himself about a bit’ in that one and inject some much needed urgency.

He has played in wide roles but wants to be our ‘number 10’. That doesn’t really fit with what I’ve seen.

What about you? Can you describe Pajtim Kasami?

15 thoughts on “Who is Pajtim Kasami?

  1. He is a promising Swiss/Albanian/Macedonian youngster who retweeted me when I suggested that he could be Fulham’s very own Wesley Sneijder, playing at no.10

    But then again, he retweets everyone. He is such a tease.

  2. Well on Football Manager his best position is box to box midfielder followed by attacking midfielder or right winger. In Football Manager he’s a wonderkid who turns out to be I think a 4.5 Star player with the right coaching and development. Was the only reason i got excited about him when he joined Fulham. Feel slightly let down 2bh :P

      1. I have absolutely no idea. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of him to make a determination. All I know is he’s a 19 year old attacking midfielder of some promise. I think we’ve seen more of Frei than we have of Kasami. As with Gecov, it is impossible to speculate on what they are beyond what we’ve been told they could be. But I don’t think that’s surprising for such a young player as Kasami.

        1. That’s just it though. I feel I have a good handle on Gecov, and could describe him easily enough. Neat, upright, good touch, keeps it simple but does spread the play, seems to get up and down the pitch without joining in attacks particularly, and so on. I can picture him in action.

          Frei’s easy enough at this point.

          With Kasami I’m not sure what I could say.

  3. Like almost all of Jol’s signings we haven’t seen enough of him to form any real opinion. All we know is none of them apart from Grygera and Riise were ready to hit the ground running.

    1. … which is probably to be expected, given their backgrounds. Kasami is only 19, and though he came over after having played in Serie A it was only 14 appearances, almost all of the as a sub for a half hour or less. Somogyi had never played outside Hungary. Gecov had never played outside the Czech Republic. Ruiz, for all that we paid for him, had only played in Costa Rica, Belgium and Holland. Sa was limited to 16 appearances last season due to injuries. Riise and Grygera have loads of experience, especially in comparison to those guys.

  4. Mysterious to me too, but when I saw some recent footage of a reserves match I thought for a moment that it was Dempsey — some similarity of movement. To be his successor, he’ll need to start finding the net, at any level.

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