Race for life

Please excuse the non-football post.  I appreciate that in the modern world we can’t move for charity requests.  Whether it’s those people on the pavement who won’t take a fiver but will badger you to commit to a year of donations, or people like me asking for money, charity is everywhere.

So here goes: my sister’s running the Loughborough 10k to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  She’s doing it with a friend who has recently got over cancer, and as you may recall, our family have our own reasons for supporting the charity.

Please do drop by Sarah’s page and sponsor her.  I think she feels a bit awkward asking people for money but seeing as this is the internet I can just throw it up here and you can all politely ignore or go about your business without anyone minding too much either way.  I appreciate that you don’t know her (probably) but anyway, it’s all for a good cause so if putting this up gets one more pound than not putting it up would’ve done then it’ll have been worthwhile.

The page is here.  Thanks again.



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