The daffodils look fuzzy

Following on from both of the earlier posts, this is the Cranberries’ Daffodil Lament, arguably the best song about daffodils I’ve heard. I put this version on earlier and Stanley was mesmerised, not least because the video’s trippy shapes were from the top drawer.  Which nevertheless gets away from where I was going, which is to link then and now, then being when I first heard this  song on a Q Magazine compilation CD. Here’s the track listing, found on the internet:


Album: Really Free
Year: 1994
Genre: Pop

Q Magazine – Brand New Heavies Dream On Dreamer 3:34
Q Magazine – Counting Crows Round Here 5:30
Q Magazine – Crash Test Dummies Afternoons Coffee Spoons 3:58
Q Magazine – Future Sound Of London Dead Skin Cells 6:46
Q Magazine – Galliano Long Time Gone 6:21
Q Magazine – Grant Lee Buffalo Lady Godiva And Me 5:01
Q Magazine – Jamiroquai Manifest Destiny 6:21
Q Magazine – Manic Street Preachers 4st 7lb 5:05
Q Magazine – Massive Attach Better Things 4:16
Q Magazine – Oasis Slide Away 6:33
Q Magazine – Primal Scream Rocks 3:38
Q Magazine – Pulp Pink Glove 4:48
Q Magazine – Soundgarden The Day I Tried To Live 5:21
Q Magazine – Suede Daddys Speeding 5:21
Q Magazine – The Cranberries Daffodil Lament 6:05

Now, Q is a middle of the road magazine and so you have here some middle of the road music, but for 1994 (when we thought music was booming, except perhaps it wasn’t because how much of the music that came out then do we still play?) it’s not a bad hit-rate.  There’s some terrible stuff on here but also some good things, and as a time-capsule it’s not half bad.  (Grant Lee Buffalo toured with REM and the Cranberries and we saw them at the Garage in Islington at some point. I also saw Grant Lee Phillips play Whelan’s or the Village in Dublin years later – loved that voice: honey on burnt toast or something).

This CD was December 1994, at which point I would have been about to become 18.  I’m just turned 36 now so that’s basically half-time for me… no, that’s not right, that implies that this is some kind of end, which wasn’t my point at all. Halt-time so far. I’ve lived half my life since I got the CD.

At 18 I had vague ideas of a promising future; at 36 nothing much has changed. I appreciate that age transforms our hopes and expectations but I have always been immature and am not giving up on my notions, however hazy and ill-defined or (really) non-existent they might be: if I keep being me eventually this will work out.  Everyone I grew up with seems to have chosen a path and worked at it, and by avoiding this I have avoided anything much.  I read a John Cheever story last night talking about ghosts in the big City, those harried commuters who come, go, pressurised and blank…. the twist of course being that the narrator is ultimately just another of these ghosts.  Hmm.

Usually when I talk about ghosts I refer to the people sitting at the back of the Johnny Haynes Stand, those silhouetted overlords who see all but do not reveal themselves, timeless silent adjudicators almost ever present through the club’s story. In the last 18 years they have seen a lot, probably more variety than any equivalent fans could have seen (there’s a thought).  18 years doesn’t sound like a long time, but in the years since I was 18 and the Cranberries/Q released Daffodil Lament, Fulham have gone ballistic (shooting up a mere 80-odd places in the league table;  and there were only about 5,000 people in the Cottage back then), Clint Dempsey has grown from an eager 10 year old who liked football to a Premier League side’s best player; Kerim Frei has learnt to walk, to dribble, but not to go outside a full-back on the left-flank (not everyone has worked everything out in these 18 years).

In February I picked up another compilation CD, this one from uncut magazine:

FREE CD: Bad Moon Rising
The spirit of CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) lives… 15 tracks that inspired, or were inspired by, John Fogerty and co

I haven’t listend to it yet (the speakers on our CD player don’t work and my ipod is full) but I am looking forward to doing so.  When I’m 54 hopefully I’ll play some of it here, if the internet or blogs or Fulham or the world itself still exist.  With a spot of luck Stanley will be just about breaking into the first team by then.

2 thoughts on “The daffodils look fuzzy

  1. To be fair to Frei, he was showing signs of progress for the reserves today – running at the full-back on the ‘other’ side to the one we’ve been used to seeing. Was very unlucky not to score.

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