As if by magic:

“They’re two clever boys and they’ve played together for a long time so we know what he is capable of. He’ll be getting people in around his feet and hopefully we’ll nullify him.”

Steve Kelly on Zamora.

I can see this. My image of Zamora is playing with his body into the defender and the ball at arm’s length (metaphorically)

It could very well be that if you get close to him from more than one angle, he really can be quitened down.

3 thoughts on “Insight!

  1. I think the Hangeland v Zamora battle this weekend will be very interesting since they have been team mates for so long, so will be looking forward to seeing how that pans out.

    What I do know is that Zamora will be playing his heart out so will probably have at least a decent game. Lets just hope his finishing is more Everton than Shakhtar.

  2. I liked Schwarzer’s comments:

    ““He [Zamora] was here for three and a half years, so we all know him very well, and I’m sure he’ll have a bit of a moan to us on the pitch like he always does!”

    I know there’s no malice in what he’s saying, but it really does hammer home the perception of Zamora as a miserable git.

    From the articles, I expect lots of snapping at his heals by Fulham defenders with a lot of subsequent moaning by Zamora. And I bet that’s exactly what it was like in training these past few years.

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