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Amazing post about passing in football

Much of it will feel obvious, but splendid to see it so neatly mapped out.

This chart, for instance, shows the chances of completing a pass relative to where you’re passing to:

Doesn’t this just emphasise the value of someone like Bryan Ruiz, who has already demonstrated an ability to find teammates in very hard to get areas?  There are three more diagrams like this in the link above – do have a look.

You should also read this from the same site.  Taking out big four teams, he shows how controlling territory (defined on the website, but essentially good use of possession)when the scores are levelcorrelates extremely well with winning games.  This is why Jol is moving to a Ruiz/Dembele model: it’s what will win matches.

2 thoughts on “Read this

  1. We are moving to the opposite end of the spectrum to Hodgsonball, which has already had profound effects on the squad and the direction it is heading.

    The correlation between possession in dangerous areas and winning is certainly interesting, although I wonder if our successful team under Hodgson would be an outlier.

    Also, did Hodgson’s emphasis on team shape and defensive solidity have a ceiling? With the right players, could you win the league playing like that?

  2. Is it really harder to keep the ball in from the right flank than the left? It looks blue down the right, but red up the left – are the left footers better a keeping the ball in than just ‘hoofing’ it down the other end? Or is there more care taken on that side as the ‘right’ side is normally the more attacking side?

    Or is the graphic not quite right?

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