First, last week’s games

Arsenal V Tottenham        Predicted 2-2, actual 5-2, saw the goals coming, but could never predict 5-2
Chelsea V Bolton        Predicted 3-1, actual 3-0, oooh
Man City V Blackburn        Predicted 3-0, actual 3-0, yay
Newcastle V Wolves        Predicted 1-0, actual 2-2, nope
Norwich V Man Utd        Predicted 1-4, actual 1-2, hmmm
QPR V Fulham            Predicted 1-1, actual 0-1, probably about right given the way the game went
Stoke V Swansea            Predicted 0-0, actual 2-0, no clear prediction so not surprising
West Brom V Sunderland        Predicted 1-1, actual 4-0, ?!?!
Wigan V Aston Villa        Predicted 1-1, actual 0-0, oh well.

In short I think it’s there or thereabouts but not brilliant. 

This week

 However, this week’s games all seem to be coming up as 1-1, so I have tinkered a bit with the parameters, which makes it more accurate but uses a bit less data for each prediction.  So less reliable but more strident in opinions, if that makes any sense? No, never mind.

Liverpool v Arsenal 0 0
Blackburn v Villa 1 1
City v Bolton  4 1
QPR v Everton  0 2
Stoke v Norwich  1 2
WBA v Chelsea  0 1
Wigan v Swansea  1 1
Newcastle v Sunderland 2 0
Fulham v  Wolves 1 0
Spurs v Man Utd  1 1

3 thoughts on “Predictions!

  1. “QPR V Fulham Predicted 1-1, actual 0-1, probably about right given the way the game went”

    About right!! result was wrong, they scored a goal…pushing it a bit to say about right.

    the rest were quite good in their own way.

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