Past 5 Matches

With the exception of a forced change here or there, it would not be a stretch to say Martin Jol has settled on HIS lineup as of late.

And, its interesting to note the name and age of the lineup. Especially when looking at the players who are not playing.

Below are all the players and their ages that saw at list 1 minute of playing time in the last five matches:

David Stockdale 26
Brede Hangeland 30
Philippe Senderos 26
John Arne Riise 30
Stephen Kelly 27
Danny Murphy 34
Steve Sidwell 28
Damien Duff 32
Simon Davies 31
Clint Dempsey 28
Bryan Ruiz 25
Mark Schwarzer 38
Chris Baird 29
Stephen Kelly 27
Dickson Etuhu 29
Moussa Dembele 24
Marcel Gecov 23
Aaron Hughes 31
Pavel Pogrebnyak 28
Andy Johnson 31
Mahamadou Diarra 30
Kerim Frei 18

When crunching the numbers, our squad age in this span comes out to be:

Average: 28.41
Median: 28.5
Mode: 30
Standard Deviation: 4.08

It’s worth noting that if we were to exclude Frei’s performance, the average age would jump to 28.9. Just compare that to what we had back in December:

Mean: 27.61
Median: 29
Mode: 30
Standard Deviation: 4.95

An easy reason for this uptick in age is the absence of several young players. Kasami hasn’t played (in the league) since Boxing Day (he did play a few minutes in the FA Third Round mauling of Charlton). Orlanda Sa: since that goal-scoring performance at Norwich on New Years Eve. Matty Briggs: that awful Europa-League match against Odense in December, and hasn’t seen the pitch since (he is currently on loan at Peterborough).

And then those youngins that have been playing seem to be when all is lost/won. Marcel Gecov came on in the 84th minute when we were down 3-0 at City. Before that, he hadn’t played since that Odense match.

Kerim Frei’s past two appearances (Sunday, 1/21 vs Newcastle) have been when we’ve had 5 goals on the board, while before that was that damning match at Blackburn where was subbed on…only to be subbed off about 50 minutes later.

So, despite the mandate and although it’s comparing two different sample sizes, the average age of this current squad that’s been playing beautiful football in the past 5 matches is older than the entire squads of the past few seasons. Even Roy’s.

Yet we’ve won three matches in a row for only the third time in 10 years. Go figure.

5 thoughts on “Past 5 Matches

  1. but you can see the succession plans falling into place. Zamora’s gone and now we have a 28 year old up there. AJ isn’t a featured player as much as a useful contributor. Murphy may make way for Diarra in stages over the next 12 months. The keys here are Dembele, Dempsey and Ruiz – keep those three together and anything seems possible. Lose them and we’re having to start again.

  2. Quite a few of the ages are wrong so its in fact an even older squad – Hughes is 32, Baird 30, Schwarzer 39, Ruiz 26, Riise 31, Davies 32 etc

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