Dead ends

Interesting thing on Zonal Marking about where teams attack.  I’m not surprised that we’re attacking where we are, but slightly taken aback that we’re the only team doing this.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Against that, moving Dembele deeper does seem to have decongested things somewhat, and it seems probable that the removal of Zamora as adominant focal point will have made our attacks more variable, too.

Still, we do need to make more space on the wings if we’re to consistently make the most of the increasingly attractive attacking play Jol’s got the players playing.

2 thoughts on “Dead ends

  1. Yep. And as we’ve been discussing, the lack of attacks down the left is extreme. Dempsey is a striker, who plays essentially as a striker (lots of movement, tracks back, quick touches in the build-up to an an attack but doesn’t really create attacks or bring the ball forward himself) but on the left. I think Jol realizes this because against Villa he played in the middle as a traditional support striker with Johnson on the left. Could also explain why Dempsey had to force his way into Hodgson’s and Hughes’ sides. He’s not really a midfielder, and neither, I don’t think, particularly believed in his ability to play as a striker. It will also likely prevent Dempsey from ever really attracting the interest of a seriously big champions league club: very much to our benefit!

  2. I believe the element overlooked here is that a team can be very successful attacking down the middle if the fullbacks draw opposing fullbacks/defensive midfielders out of the middle. How many times has Riise been so far forward that the opposing defender has to pay attention to him? The system above would not track the movement of that fullback to cover Riise as the ball might never be played to him.

    Away from home the fullbacks seem more conservative which is why I’d hypothesize we don’t score as many goals.

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