One thought on “Man Utd 1-0 Fulham

  1. I did leave with a bit of a smile on my face over the meltdowns that the legion of ManU fans were having at the end of this game. I’m not sure we deserved a point in this game, but we were robbed of one nonetheless, so what can you do.

    Everything was just a tiny bit off when we did get chances. Shortly after coming on, Ruiz was a fraction of a second late with a through ball to Dempsey that could have been a goal. Not long after, Pog hestitated an extra step before passing to Ruiz on his left; Ruiz had already assumed Pog was committing to take it himself and had sped ahead to clean up any loose balls. Tiny problems, but we were working from tiny threads to begin with.

    Defensively, a pretty decent effort, benefitted from United giving away a of sloppy balls at times. The back four held their shape pretty well and Hughes was excellent. Riise wasn’t bad (for Riise), except for the one catastrophic moment — I feel like every game we get one nasty flub from either him or Kelly. The double-save from Schwarzer was incredible.

    In terms of the squad, Murphy and Ruiz should both have been on earlier. Murphy shines in these situations where the other side plays off in the midfield, as was the case here. Pog was ineffective in a hold-up role for most of the game (in part because everyone else was so far behind him), and he benefitted a lot from having Ruiz around to help cause trouble. As for Frei… they should just spraypaint a big X onto that spot on the field where he’s going to break inside to put the ball on his right foot. Everybody knows it’s coming.

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