Open training

Me and Stan went to the club’s open training session this morning.

Nice it was, too. The sun shone, the players put on a good show, and everyone seemed happy.  Lots of kids there leaning over the hoardings to get closer to the action, must’ve been great for them to see their heroes up close.  The players gave a nice enough little exhibition, some fairly standard stuff to begin with then some games in the middle that emphasised crossing (Jol mentioned that crosses make goals and wants more of them).  Good fun to watch. Chris Baird was playing, and Mike Benedetto confirmed that Sa and Halliche are training apart from the rest because they have knocks and can’t get involved in the contact stuff (training was quite physical sometimes).

The crossbar challenge at the end was won by a fan, a young lad called Alex.  Among the 5-6 players who had a go Ruiz came closest (twice), although Steve Kelly was quite handy.  Baird tried to drive his second attempt but it didn’t quite work, and Diarra wasn’t very close!

Great fun though, well done Fulham.

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