Free to a good home

Apologies for the quiet here, since Tuesday’s fun Stan’s had a version of Scarlet Fever so all hands to the pumps.  Just as well I didn’t hand him to a player for a photo, eh?!

Anyway, in the meantime, any interest in the books above? We’re trying to have a bit of a clearout (well, I am, everyone else’s crap remains untouched) before possibly moving house.  Would prefer to shift as a job lot if possible for ease but can split if can’t find a single taker. 

I can bring them along on Monday. The one you’re perhaps not sure about is Charlie Mitten,who played for us a good while ago and was quite a character.

(The Hogan book isn’t included as I’ve just seen it’s for sale on Amazon for £35. Might see if I can’t fetch a tenner or something.  Drop me an email if you’re interested.)



8 thoughts on “Free to a good home

  1. I’ll ‘av ’em!

    I’ll be in town to watch the game, but on telly so won’t have to worry about standing on them when I cheer Dempsey’s hattrick going in.

    Sure you don’t want a tenner for them? Still a good deal, there’s a lot of books there.

  2. Do you tend be at The Crabtree before games, Rich? That would be grand, otherwise by the statue before kickoff would be fine.

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