Post match interviews with Murphy and Dempsey


Two good people, eh?

Have you ever seen a player with more of a manager’s demeanor than Murphy? 

Fearless prediction: at some point Muprhy becomes Liverpool’s first great manager for an eternity.  Wise observers note that many of his managerial traits are positively Hodgson-esque, and Murphy does not disagree with this.  What goes around…

13 thoughts on “Post match interviews with Murphy and Dempsey

  1. The ideal scenario I think, would be that Jol sticks around for another 3 or 4 years. That gives Danny another year of playing, and 2-3 as assistant manager. Then he takes over from Jol and gives Fulham 5 years of success. Then he becomes England manager. How’s about that then, as Jimmy Saville would have said.

  2. Re. hard work… Should all footballers train in the afternoon? Working on skills or something? Imagine another four hours a day of work on judging where parries/rebounds/second balls will land. Developing footballing sixth sense.

    1. Or reading coaching manuals, watching tapes of matches &C &C.

      Like that 10’000 hours thing you’ve talked about before.

  3. That’s a smashing interview. Danny’s suggests that it might have been our best performance of the season and I agree. Think that’s the most complete 90 minutes I’ve seen, brilliant effort.

    Nice sign off too when collecting Karim Frei’s Champagne “… is he old enough to drink?”.

  4. I’d like to see Murphy tied down to a player/coach contract for next couple years. Then become first team coach/assistant and then future manager.

    Judging from his interview in Fultime though he’s still weighing up between a media/punditry role and coaching. Think he’d be great at both but would rather he coached.

    1. I guess it’s all about family and stress isn’t it? Coaching is very stressful, you are subjected to much that is beyond your control but which you are still held responsible for, and you might have to move all over the country.

      Media work, less so…

  5. According to Dave Kidd of The People, he doesnt think Danny will be around next season. They got the Zamora story right, so this might have legs, but it would still be a surprise if Danny walked away.

    I hope next season, Danny begins his inclusion on the coaching staff and thinks seriously about a future in management because he appears to have the tools.

    He also is in that nice band of being a good footballer but not overly famous – these guys often are some of the best in management.

  6. Good gravy, listen to him! If he can coach half a lick he really will be England’s manager at some future date.

    What strikes me about this video is the contrast – Dempsey (who is not that young) seems like a little puppy dog in comparison. (Part of this is just Murphy’s appearance – he’s only two months older than me, and I would look like a 12-year old next to hm.)

    My question is what the professional relationship between Jol and Murphy is like. Murphy would seem, from here, to have the tools — but would Fulham be the right place to start?

    Also, Rich’s point about family is a good point. Doesn’t Murphy have young kids?

  7. Depends what Danny’s footballing philosophies are I guess. If they are similar to Jol’s then he’d obviously work well at the club. If his philosophies differ then he may be better suited to starting out elsewhere with a smaller club which he could mould into his own vision.

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