PFA Player of the First Few Months Award

Awards that are not based on statistics or anything that’s actually measurable are hogwash. And so we turn to the PFA Player of the Year shortlist.

Which doesn’t include Clint Dempsey. Or Grant Holt. Or any player that is carrying an entire team on their back. But does include three City players (including the goalie), Arsenal’s best player, England’s Great White Hope, and Wayne Rooney.

Hmph. Let’s just enjoy this video of all of Clint’s goals this season and smugly mutter to ourselves….

Oh wait, we can’t watch this video because the EPL pulled it. Makes as much sense as handing out an award before the season is even over.

15 thoughts on “PFA Player of the First Few Months Award

        1. I’d say so. For someone who plays the advanced position that he does, he has 6 goals and 13 assists in 32 games. Very good, I’d say, but not up there with our Texan. Thought Silva started the season with a bang but then went pretty quiet.

  1. Scott Parker has exactly one goal and one assist in all competitions this season (42 games). Aguero, I see, Silva, I don’t. For my money Dempsey is having a season that earns him the right to be talked about alongside RVP and Rooney (this season, not career). In fact I find his season even more impressive since he’s doing what he’s doing on a mid-table team. On the one hand I’m biased, but on the other I didn’t say the same thing last season.

    Same thing happens in other sports–these supposedly individual awards are really just awards for the great players on the top teams. Or in the case of Scott Parker, it’s a nomination for a good player on a very good team.

    1. Parker is also England’s Great White Hope. He’s ‘scrappy’: (runs around, gets “stuck in); tucks his shirt in; and wears black cleats. Ergo pundits fawn over him and vastly overrates him.

  2. Haha, yeah.

    I understand not wanting to have all strikers on the list. But really, even Bale is a far more obvious and worthy midfield candidate from the same team.

  3. The real criminal here is the timing of the voting which is around christmas, I believe.

    Why the players cannot do it online in 5 mins during the last week of the season is beyond me.

  4. Whoever gets the award, what we need is a “kanye” moment where someone jumps on stage to declare Clint “was the better player…”

  5. I think Parker’s done enough to suggest that he makes his teams better. Silva was probably the best player in the league up to Christmas but has faded since. Rooney’s been outstanding, RVP obviously. Aguero might be the player that most teams would most love to have in their squad. The only weird one is Joe Hart, and I think Dempsey deserves to be in over him.

    1. Silva is a top quality player but he faded badly just before xmas and is having an average season by his standards. Clint has been more consistent than Silva this season.

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