Looking back at looking forward

I rightly abandoned the week-by-week predictortrons as they were too complicated and not accurate.  But the SEASON predictortrons are still something to behold.


At the start of the season predictortron had us down for 52-57 points (54 was deemed most likely).

After our bad start (I ran this in late October when we weren’t doing very well) predictortron revised its estimate to 46 points.

Well blow me down if we haven’t just reached that total.

So there was nothing to panic about after all!

Over 38 games you’ll have ups and you’ll have downs. So just as we shouldn’t have overreacted to a slow start, we shouldn’t just assume that because we’ve had a good 2012 that the 2012-13 season will be a walk in the park. It doesn’t tend to work that way really (although increasingly, if you look at our starting 1-11 against others’ we’re a legit team). Anyway, the moral of the story: DON’T PANIC! Most teams lose lots of games and the fact that some of them come in a row perhaps doesn’t mean much (or does it? Zamora, Europa, transition(a), etc).

Anyway, we probably won’t reach 54 points but I reckon that’s probably about our level.

PS I’ve also mentioned how I always like Fulham to be about par on the WDL totals. We’re now 12-10-12, which is nice.

One thought on “Looking back at looking forward

  1. With Fulham never to test the likes of the top clubs year in, year out and hopefully never treading too close to the bottom 3, realistically placing anywhere from 7th to 14th is probably what we should all be in for, with a possible Europa place every few seasons.

    Jol at the helm for what is sure to be a transition period, the next few seasons may test that theory. What with Duff, Murphy, Davies, Johnson all possibly leaving/retiring in the next season or two and Dempsey, Dembele and maybe Hangeland moving on to build up $$, it might be tough to continue to be that consistent with the mid-table finishes at seasons end.

    I guess as long as Fayed/Jol don’t pull a Pompey and they don’t suffer a calamatous rash of injuries all in one term, Jol should be able to bring in the kids or suitable transfer replacements taking care of all the ins and outs to keep a mid-table finish to be the average outcome. But I would say these next few seasons could be as challenging at the Great Escape, should players leave and they have trouble replacing their production.

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