No Dempsey, Again

Hey look kids, Clint Dempsey is not in the PFA Team of the Year!

That’s right, the player that’s tied for 4th in the league for goals and isn’t even a striker!

And is responsible for nearly 50% of Fulham’s entire offensive output! The same team that is tied for the least amount of away goals in the entire Football League (hooray we’re now tied with Stoke!)

Exclamation Points!

One thought on “No Dempsey, Again

  1. He got 4th in the writer’s award, right behind …. SCHOLES. The Guardian got it right: “And assorted football hacks have proved themselves even more clueless than the pros by voting Paul Scholes third in their Footballer of the Year award. Whether that’s for his displays in the first half of the season or the second is unclear.”

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