Liverpool 0-1 Fulham (not yet a report)

All of which goes to prove that goals change games: on Saturday the early goal was conceded; this time we scored it.

Full report in the morning.

One thought on “Liverpool 0-1 Fulham (not yet a report)

  1. Rich said on twitter that the great hound of the internet ate the real post; I’m through waiting for a better place to comment. But then, what is there to say? A historic victory, but at times the game felt like it was just moseying by. Was it a testament to how well Fulham played that I never felt particularly worried? Or just how awful Liverpool looked? (Both, presumably.)

    ESPN had this game, and the broadcast was dominated by Ian Darke and Steve McManaman (who in general I like a lot) coming up with ever-more-creative ways to mangle the name “Kacaniklic”. (Men in Blazers has a running joke about Darke’s manner of speaking being authoritative for all things, in which case there’s not much to do at this point except apologize to young Mr. Kagonoknocklatch.)

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