Counting out Time

Welp, just over one week left. Two match days remaining. The 2011-12 Season carriage will soon turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of 5pm GMT Sunday, May 13.

How do you see things shaking out? After using the BBC’s pretty darn cool predictor, I see us splitting our remaining two matches to finish a respectable ninth. Full table and results below.

So, QPR and Aston Villa manage to survive. Bolton and Blackburn drop down. Spurs pipe Arsenal for third. Newcastle finish fifth. Wigan’s dramatic late season run is mitigated by the fact they still only finish 15th with a horrific GD.

Do post your own results in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Counting out Time

  1. My wishlist for the remainder of the season:
    A) us finish above Liverpool, who I’ve really grown to dislike this year
    B) Newcastle to finish above Chelsea
    C) Bolton to survive, at the expense of QPR

    1. Strong agreement on all 3. I don’t actually dislike Suarez, but as a Red Sox fan there’s a particular perverse glee in seeing them flail. And I’ve really come to root for Bolton for reasons that utterly escape me.

      For reference, here’s my preferred 3 for relegation:
      – Wolves (no point debating it)
      – Blackburn
      – QPR

      Although, I’d keep QPR up if I could send Aston Villa down instead. They are just ungodly boring to watch.

  2. I just put my results in and got that same result but QPR staying up on GD. Damn, I so much want them to go down.

  3. I did this the other day and had United beating City, which is now pretty unlikely. Somehow I swung it so that Fulham finished 8th one place above Liverpool. I think this is unlikely now with both teams likely to pick up similar points and the ‘pool beating us on goal difference.

    Down the bottom I had Blackburn on 32 points and QPR going down on goal difference. I think my anti-Hughes bias may have affected my thoughts here though.

    If we can win on Sunday I think we can be very pleased with our season’s tally. A very respectable finish in what has been a difficult season. Bodes well for next season.

    1. If we finish with 55 points it’ll be our highest tally ever, which if you add to your statement about how crazy this season has been, it’s pretty darn amazing.

  4. I have enough Tottenham supporting friends and since we don’t have anything to play for so that I’m actually sorta hoping to give them the points. I feel a little weird about hoping for that though.

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