Fulham 0-2 Tottenham: Or, a Side Show of the Big Show

Fulham was a team with little really to play for, a bad away record, and missing its leading scorer. They faced a Tottenham desperate to win at home and qualify for the Champions League under a suddenly refocused manager. Needless to say it was over after 90 seconds.

That’s not to say there were no bright spots on the day for our club who finish their 2011-12 Season 317 days after it started in a very respectable 9th spot. There were plenty in fact.

But at this point, with the title madness in Manchester and the lingering questions about the future of several key players seemingly overshadowing everything, does it amount to much beyond a round of applause and tip of the cap?

Well have more analysis on the match, and the season later. But for now…

2 thoughts on “Fulham 0-2 Tottenham: Or, a Side Show of the Big Show

  1. This was a season that felt like a rollercoaster in terms of how I felt about the team. Great stretches and games gave way to the occasional gutting defeat that brought me down to earth. At times the “Barcelona of west London” and at other times (mostly away) looking ineffectual at best. Still, at the end of the long season, I can honestly say I think this is a team on the way up. Martin Jol has had a strong first season at the helm and looks like he’s going to be capable of bringing what is a good team to even better fortunes.

    Now, here’s to a good off-season. With some bigger clubs looking to poach a few of our stars, it will be interesting to see what the squad looks like in 3 months.

    Cheers to all and thanks a ton to Craven Cottage Newsround! You’ve helped me become an even greater Fulham fan. Salut from Montréal!

    1. Hey there Patrick– I’m actually going to Montreal in a few weeks! Although there’s no Fulham game, would be cool to meet up for something! I’ll email you

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