England expects

I don’t think John Terry is going to be going to the Euros. This week the Guardian’s Paul Wilson, the Sunday Times’ Jonathan Northcroft and the Evening Standard’s Patrick Barclay have all written columns explaining how they wouldn’t take Terry to the tournament.

I don’t know about Wilson, but Northcroft and Barclay know Hodgson well and would be on his list for any ‘off the record but write something about this’ briefings.

It makes a lot of sense. Plant the seed early so that when it happens the influential journalists can explain why this was, explain that they’d already written about this, and help shape overall opinion that this move is “a good thing”.

Just a theory but I’d perhaps put some money on it were such an avenue available to me.

In other news, what a masterstroke to get Gary Neville into the England camp! If Hodgson had a problem it was winning over young men who weren’t going to listen to this pensionable old man talk about the need to stand not there but there when the ball’s *there*. Hodgson would not pass any “show us your medals” tests, either.

That’s all sorted in a stroke. Gary Neville will command the respect of everyone in that team, and also have the strength of character to tell Hodgson when he’s pressing the wrong button.  It’s a managerial dream team in my eyes and again makes me wonder whether England aren’t going to surprise us now.

11 thoughts on “England expects

  1. This is promising news and I really hope it’s the case. I’ve read a few reports (tabloid & BBC based) talking about whether Rio Ferdinand would be able to play alongside Terry, that almost suggested Terry was a dead cert. Leaving aside any club loyalties I’d be appalled if Terry does make the side, I think he’s constantly let himself down since becoming England Captain and should not be getting anywhere near an England side until his court case has been completed.

    Agree about the Neville appointment too, Hodgson seems to be building a very able team around him.

  2. Gary Neville, on the face of it, seems a great choice from Roy and the FA. Neville has cut his teeth with the public and has become widely respected so on a PR level this is a great boon.

    On a more practical level, I wonder if Roy had a word with Alex Ferguson about this. When Neville was at Man Utd, he was Fergie’s dressing room general and commanded huge respect. Dressing room unity and respect is always seen as Man Utd’s strong point so this is great for Hodgson and the FA.

    As for England’s chances? I honestly don’t know. If the England players buy into the Hodgson philosophy then it could end up being pretty exciting and who knows where it will lead. Personally, I am just happy that I can fully get behind England again, especially if Mr.Terry is not included in the squad.

  3. I still dont think we’ll get anywhere in the euros but agree entirely about neville. Its not just at ManU. I remember him being the most influential voice of the england squad and wasn’t he a major PFA rep? All-in seems respcted across the spectrum, especially now that fans all seemed to have recognized him as a real breath of fresh air as a commentator. He is a smart man Hodgson.

  4. Wow. Underwhelming choices to say the least.

    I think his time at Fulham will be the only point during Roy’s career when everything came together for him. The Euros are going to be a disaster.

    1. The thing is, when you look at those who have been left out, no one can reasonably think their inclusion would have made a significant difference. Just looking at the players available create the stark realisation how average England really are.

      That said, Stuart Downing, bloody hell

  5. There are some disappointing selections; Downing over Johnson, not taking Micah Richards, possibly Milner’s inclusion & definitely Terry’s inclusion – but I trust Roy knows what he wants out of the team. Perhaps there’s something to be said for one last hurrah of the old guard.

    I’d have liked to see Stockdale in the squad but his lack of playing time probably weighed against him, and despite his recent form I think Zamora would have been a useful inclusion. Still, if nothing else, it may keep expections at an almost sensible level.

    1. I don’t know. This kind of solidifies my opinion of Roy as overly cautious and completely lacking in imagination. He’s a good coach, but isn’t brave enough to ever be great.

      1. He is cautious but he’s been succesful that way. We know how he can get the best out of a “lesser” group of players and he did something similar with Switzerland. He knows what he wants from a squad and he’ll be focussed on how to get immeadiate results not how to build for the future (at least this tournament).

        I agree that approach has it’s limitations but I still wholeheartedly believe he can do a good job.

  6. Very disappointed as I would of expected Roy to buck the trend a bit on his selection and make a statement but alas…

    Downing is a real ???? for me – Roy kept referring to ‘footballing reasons’ in his conference and Downing has been crap at football for the last year! Terry I dislike and I think Roy will dislike him even more. Carroll whilst a potential future star hasn’t earnt his place over the last few months and Crouch/Holt are much worthier contenders.

    My Alt. England Squad if you’re interested: Hart, Ruddy, Green | Baines, Cole, Richards, Jones, Cahill, Johnson, Lescott | Gerrard, Carrick/Britton (not decided), Parker, Barry, | Walcott, Oxlade-C, Young, Lennon | Rooney, Holt, Crouch, Defoe, Welbeck.

  7. there goes any hope we may have had for change for the england squad at least in the near future. overly cautious indeed. as a couple people have pointed out, hodgson was never one to blood young talent at club level so why would he do so for internationals?

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