The season by the numbers

So, just how did Fulham finish ninth, their first ever back-to-back top 10 finish in the top flight?

Chances were, if we were winning at half, we’d win the game. And if we were losing, we had a better chance than most at getting something out of the match. And that’s not all:

  • Never lost a single match when winning at half (10-1-0)
  • Conceded just 4 goals in the second half when winning; one behind leaders Stoke City
  • Finished 2nd overall in total points gained when losing at halftime with 8
  • Finished 18th overall in total points gained when drawing at halftime with 13
  • Tied with United overall for least amount of points dropped with just 6
  • Yet, somehow, conceded 17 goals in the final 15 minutes, more than in 2007-08

How did our home record stack up with our away record?

  • Had 7th best home record, behind every team that’s going to Europe
  • Nipped Stoke City for *not* having the least away goals scored in the entire Football League.
  • Swansea City was the only team in the bottom 10 that defeated us at home
  • Liverpool was the only team in the top 10 we beat on the road
  • Beat Arsenal, Norwich, Sunderland, Stoke, and Wigan all by 2-1 at home

Anything else cool that may have helped?

  • Didn’t have a single red card all season
  • Spurs’ win on Sunday meant they won the London Derbies Cup, though we conceded the least amount of goals
  • Clint Dempsey set a whole bunch of records. And then some.

Got any other stats worth mentioning?

8 thoughts on “The season by the numbers

  1. I wonder if hitting the post a lot is one of those good indicators that will lead to a healthier outcome next year? We were second behind liverpool on this, even though I don’t remember us doing much of it at all.

    1. Definitely a stat worth keeping track of. I don’t really remember much of it either, though, didn’t Dembele crack the post on Sunday? (I really remember next to nothing from that game. Such a blur).

  2. And we almost beat our highest ever top flight points tally.

    Then we’ll sell Dempsey and Dembélé and have to start building a new team. Again.

    Talk about running to stand still.

  3. Funny how one of the big complaints of the season was that we conceded too many late goals. Turns out that whilst we conceded lots of late goals, almost all of them were when we were pushing for an equaliser – the ones I remember off the top of my head are Everton, Spurs and Swansea (away).

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