Poor Romelu Lukaku.   He’s improved in training, he’s done okay in matches. He’s even eaten fewer hamburgers. What more can a man do?!

Just goes to show though, doesn’t it? Teams can spend a lot of money on players then never use them.  Chelsea can cover this sort of thing, but arguably, Fulham can’t. For every Bjorn-Helge Riise or Fred Stoor you have the equivalent of 250 or so replica shirt sales a week leaving the club’s bank account for no gain.

If you have lots of players in a squad who aren’t contributing then you’re throwing money down the drain. It’s something that can happen when you change managers a lot, although Fulham have been okay on this front lately, mainly because the players Roy Hodgson brought in were good enough that subsequent managers were happy to use them (although it has to be said that AJ has been a desperate drain on resources when you look at transfer fee, wages, and meaningful time on the pitch. It’d almost be negligent to give him a new contract when you look back on what’s actually happened).  

In any case, when you look through our squad it’s quite impressive in terms of the value we’ve derived from our acquisitions.  Using younger, cheaper players on the bench must make a difference as well.  Good times.

Richard Allen founded Craven Cottage Newsround in 2006. This is him at a wedding last year.

4 thoughts on “Burgers

  1. I’d happily take Lukaku on loan for a couple of seasons. He’s the type of striker we need in Jol’s system IMO, big, strong, technical etc. I think we’d do a better job of developing him than Chelsea ever would. Would be a cheap way of finding a second striker to compete with Pog. Yes we won’t get a financial/long term return on him but he’ll score goals whilst our scouting team scour the corners of the planet (or the Dutch league) looking for the next Saha.

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