4 thoughts on “Performance management

  1. From the looks of things, a goalie, a left-back, a striker and 8 midfielders. Cool team. Wonder how passing tempo is measured. Also, reckon sideways passes have to be fully at 90 degrees to get recognized as such, otherwise I refuse to believe that forward passes are genuinely the most prevalent type of pass out of our central midfield.

  2. It’s one thing collecting such data, but Is it ideal to feed it back raw? I can see the point of using it to provide guidance in broad terms, but in this degree of detail, not sure.

    1. I thought that. There’s implicit pressure to, for instance, pass forwards. I wonder what the Pirlos of this world have as forward passing stats, for instance. What if you’re playing well but your numbers are lower than that of your colleague on the white board? Context is everything and you have to be very sure about the impact of this sort of thing before you plaster it up on the wall…

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