CCN meets Brian McBride

A while ago the good people at Budweiser offered me the chance to meet Brian McBride.

Stanley got Scarlet Fever the day before the shoot so I didn’t think it’d be wise to expose the great man to the virus, so I sent through a few questions instead.  Word was that Brian was very gracious and answered them all well and in detail, so it’s a bit of a shame that we see so little here. No matter, tremendous of him to do this and of Budweiser to edit it all up.  Here you go…

Part 1:

Part 2:

4 thoughts on “CCN meets Brian McBride

  1. Brian was well regarded and your questions were of interest. So why is mine, after three days, the first comment? May it be because so little — verging on ridiculously little, even insultingly little — has survived the editing process? I suspect it may.

    1. Agree, unlucky timing with the little one Rich then BM’s answers almost edited out of existence. Someone must have the original film, is it worth you asking?

  2. These were my questions:

    When you said McBride my first thought was that I had to talk to him
    about 2007/08, that most amazing season.

    Brian played the first three games but was injured while scoring
    against Middlesbrough. In his absence the wheels came off and it
    wasn’t until he came back later on that things turned around (Roy
    Hodgson and a few new signings helped too!).

    I don’t know how long I might have with him but I’d like to talk to
    him about the last few games when we Fulham fans saw some of the most
    amazingly dramatic football imagineable. Everton and Birmingham at
    home, Reading and City away, then THAT game down in Portsmouth. Wow…

    Soccer’s really taking off in the US now, but when you were growing up
    things must have been quite different. How come you didn’t play
    baseball or American Football instead?

    I know there’s no good answer to this, but why were (are) Fulham so
    good at home and so bad away? What did the players think?

    When you look back on some of those goal montage things you sometimes
    see, which make you proudest? Or is it enough that you scored 40 odd
    goals for Fulham, which is pretty good going!

    Yourself, Bocanegra and Dempsey all scored a number of headed goals
    for Fulham. What is it about Americans that makes them so good in the

    You watched the West Ham away game in the Great Escape season with the
    fans. What was that like and why did you choose to do this?

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