More from Brian McBride

Okay, I got the tape and here are his full answers:

Tell us about the amazing 0708 season and your memories of it.

The 0708 season for me was crazy. It started of solid then three games in I get injured and I have to fight through to come back. Then the team struggles and makes some changes to the coaching staff and Roy comes in and makes a great impression. We didn’t stop believing, that’s the crazy thing, even though we hadn’t won away for like forever, when we got together we always felt it’d be possible to come out of it. When we came back at City, 3-2, the locker room sort of just grew, we really felt some momentum. Then of course we came home beat Everton, went to Reading, beat them, then came back and Birmingham City. Then it came down to Danny Murphy’s ghosting header at Portsmouth. When have you ever seen him score a headed goal? But thank goodness he did, and that was that.

Football’s really taken off in the US now. How come you didn’t play baseball or basketball instead?

Actually I played every sport under the sun. In the end the reason I stopped was because I went to the coach and said that I had a lot of soccer commitments, would it be possible to miss a couple of practices. He was like, no way, are you crazy, so that was what made up my mind to forego baseball. But I still played tennis and hockey. I was definitely not a kid who wanted to sit down.

(Long pause while aeroplane flies overhead)

I know there’s no good answer to this, but why were Fulham so good at home and so bad away. What did the players think?

It’s a good question. We never understood it.

(Pause while Brian’s mic makes too much noise on his jacket as he moves around).

I wish there was an answer. Being at home and having the fans behind us was one reason, but going away there was belief, it just didn’t really happen for us. For an exact answer, I couldn’t give it to you.

When you look back on some of those goal montages, which makes you proudest, or is it just enough that you scored 40 odd goals for Fulham?

So much was about the emotions, those games in the run-ins, having already made the decision before, talking to the chairman about my wife and I going home after the season, then to get the reception from the fans and the club it’s not something you can describe, it’s a great honour to be thought of that way. Emotional.

Yourself, Boca and Dempsey have all scored a number of headed goals for Fulham. What makes Americans so good in the air.

Good question. Some of it has to be timing, like when I played volleyball, your head-eye coordination, a lot comes from practice. For us it was different mixtures of styles in soccer and a lot was played in the air and it helped us.

You watched the West Ham away game with the fans. What was that like and why did you do this?

It was amazing. I wanted to watch the game and it wasn’t on tv. I never got the full experience of being a part of Fulham in the sense of sitting with everybody. My wife and I were anxious to do it. We had watched from the Cottage and enjoyed that, I’m a fan, just like now, I just enjoyed being a part of the whole fan experience.

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