Fulham sign Hugo Rodallega

Hugo Rodallega signed for Fulham today on a free transfer. The 26 year old penned a three year deal.

My gut reaction was a bit of worry: Wigan started winning last season when Hugo stopped playing (club went 4-1-2 in the 7 weeks he was out, including some massive wins over Arsenal and Liverpool), he netted just two goals (both coincidentally in January, both losses), and was often out with knee injuries. All this in a contract year.

But perhaps this helped in Fulham’s negotiations. Hugo clearly has talent: he scored 9 goals in 2010-11, 10 in 2009-10, and 3 after being a January arrival in 2008-09. He currently holds Wigan’s record for goals scored (24) in the EPL. Despite being right footed, 6 of those goals have come from his left foot, and 2 from the penalty spot.

This for a club that’s never been higher than 16th (which was this season) in goals scored in the past five years. And, for me, if I ever was watching a Wigan game, I’d usually just focus on him.

Speaking of which, enjoy this video (while we can) of all his goals for Wigan that was floating around twitter today.

So make that three signings as of July 12, with zero transfer fee outlay. Still some holes to fill overall, but good bits of moneyball, eh?

(featured image via the official site)

Timmy Gelles is a writer for Craven Cottage Newsround. A Fulham fan since 2006 who, unlike Rich, doesn’t hope Hugo gets a haircut. E-mail him or follow him on twitter.

10 thoughts on “Fulham sign Hugo Rodallega

  1. good age with potential to realise, pace, has scored goals with right and left foot and head, fed off scraps at wigan last 3 years and FREE. Good business imo and could thrive under Jol’s system. Good replacement for AJ if anything and 5 years younger.

    Still think we’re due some big signings though this summer. One more striker, a winger, a Murphy replacement and a right back. Not to mention Dempsey and Dembele replacements if they go.

    Got a feeling we’re on a tight budget this summer so I’m not expecting £10m signings this summer unless we raise that money through sales.

    1. we have a 50k wage cap. I imagine Hugo is on 30-35k ish. The 70k thing was either terrible journalism or an Everton PR exercise becos Hugo rejected their club. Who knows…

      1. Agree with that, except I’d say we probably gave him some cash (either upfront or installments) to keep his salary low. A player like that on 30-35k per week would surely command 5m or more. Over a three year contract, that works out at $32k a week. So his reported 70k demand was not that outlandish in my book and was probably accurately reported. Whatever his wage, I’m sure we got close (though not all the way) to his demanded overall package of 11m over three years. I’d bet we gave him 9m or so.

  2. Though Hugo has potential but his recent career has been much of a sham. There were other better alternatives available, don’t know why Fulham chose to sign him up when we, the Fulham fans, wanted to see top-class games.

  3. Anyone else think a lot of his goals are Dempseyesque?

    Seems to be in the right place at the right time, can score with any part of his body and even scores with his ‘groin’ as Dempsey did this season.

    1. I was thinking that when watching the goals also. I’m not sure that he has Dempsey’s killer movement, finishing or heading abilities — few do — but if memory serves he has more pace and is better with the ball at his feet. I think we’re building a team that’s going to be very difficult to get the ball off of.

      1. He certainly doesn’t have Dempsey’s natural finishing ability, since Opta had him as one of the worst finishers in the league last season!

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