Here’s something: The Two Unfortunates has a piece on Wycombe Wanderers managers, and of course this little group contains one Lawrie Sanchez:

“Part-Mafioso, part Churchillian leader, Lawrie’s astonishing assuredness throughout the run was hugely inspiring to players and fans – he never for a second seemed in doubt that we could win the whole damned thing”

A lot of Fulham fans didn’t like the cut of Sanchez’s jib.  I think this was partly the aforementioned confidence, but confidence in itself isn’t a bad thing. No, what Sanchez lacked was humility, which his successor, Roy Hodgson, did seem to possess.

Or did he? When he went to Liverpool, Hodgson, with something to prove and results not going well, was portrayed in much the same way as Lawrie Sanchez was with Fulham: defensive, harking back to past glories… his every public action indirectly or directly saying “No, you’re wrong – I CAN do this job! Just leave me alone and I’ll prove it.”

Of course, Sanchez carried this on after he left Fulham, but in his position he probably felt he had no choice: football managers are well remunerated; out of work football managers aren’t. He genuinely believed/s that he has something to offer as a manager, but feels that he’s effectively been black-balled as a result of that experience at Fulham. A stint at Barnet is all he’s managed post-Fulham.

I’m not saying he deserved better, but I do think there’s a parallel universe where Lawrie Sanchez is still doing okay as a football manager.  Meanwhile, in this world, he could do worse than to take the Hodgson route back: get abroad, get winning, get another chance. He’s still young enough, after all.


Richard Allen founded CCN in 2006. This is him at a wedding last summer.

4 thoughts on “Unfortunate

  1. That’s just life, isn’t it? Life basically is luck, imo.

    Lawrie Sanchez as an allegory for life.

    This makes me deeply uncomfortable somehow…

    1. I don’t know, I think you can make you’re own luck to a certain degree. Hodgson certainly did this by not being afraid to go abroad and by making the most of the jobs he was offered. I’m not sure Sanchez can say the same.

      1. that’s sort of what I was getting at. At this point there’s nothing to stop him begging some second division team in Slovakia for a chance to manage is there? But instead he’s still waiting, moaning, etc.

    2. Sir, this is quite possibly the best comment on a Fulham message board this year. I give you two Internets as reward. Thank you for making my day ;)

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