Oh, football, how easy it is to like other sports and sportsmen more than you and yours, people who work harder, and for whom success means more. (Gareth Bale couldn’t play in the Olympics because he was injured. Then he played for Spurs. Then, in a fine karmic rebound, he was nobbled by Charlie Adam. Not that we wish injury on anyone, of course).

PS did you read this about Leon Knight?

4 thoughts on “Olympics

  1. How very true Rich……I love Fuham….I don’t love footballers or mens football.
    Off to watch the real GB football team play Brazil at Wembley tomorrow .

  2. Olympic fever in Stratford – half a mile from the stadium:

    Letter sent to The Observer yesterday:As soon as she knew that getting Olympic tickets was a possibility, my twelve-year-old daughter started saving Christmas and birthday money. She is a member of three sports clubs in Newham – fencing, trampolining and gymnastics. When the ticketing website went live, we spent hours trying for as many tickets as we could. Two weeks at home in the Olympic borough would replace an annual holiday.
    Our saving, and time spent clicking were rewarded with not a single ticket.
    This frustration was compounded when we saw rows on empty seats just half a mile from our home on day one, and then discovered that at least a fifth of seats are reserved for the Olympic family and their and corporate friends.
    The ticketing process is clearly seriously flawed and designed to ensure that those who make a profit through encouraging obesity, prevail over those who want to see and learn from their role models. So much for the commitment to ‘inspire a generation’ and ‘create step change in sporting participation’.

    Simon Shaw

  3. The fact Bale pulled out with what must have been only a niggle having previously claimed he was keen to be involved suggests it was pressure from his club that led to him pulling out. More fool him for missing out on a once in a life time opportunity and more fool Tottenham for thinking this is the way to retain his services longer term.

    Agree with Simon’s point above too, the ticketing has been a disaster and this mess (whoever’s to blame) is the final kick in the balls. It’s not like LOCOG couldn’t have predicted it and had some plan in place.

    Despite the ranting I’m still enjoying the show!

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